We sold our vacation home in Osoyoos about 2 months ago, with the help of Barb Pasternak.
We selected her to be our Realtor, and we are so grateful for the help and guidance she offered to us.
She sensed immediately that our home had meant a lot to us, and she was so very kind and patient through the entire process.
She was always available to answer our many questions, even when we were calling her long-distance.
She worked diligently to help sell our home and she did help to make the process go very smoothly.
Thank you, Barb, for everything!!

Doug & Linda Irwin

When it came time to sell our vacation Home in Osoyoos the first question was "Which Realtor will we engage in a community where we don't normally do business?  We began by searching thru the local field of Realtors on line. It became very apparent to us that your web site was ahead of the pack and you were employing every possible modern day tool to market your listings. After doing an interview with you we were convinced that you were the type of personality we would want to deal with if we were looking to buy. So it came as no real surprise to us that you were not only the listing agent of our home but were also the selling agent as well. We feel we could not have made a better choice and were very pleased with how you handle every aspect of our sale. Thanks for your Outstanding service!

Roland and Rose Dirks

Oct 2013

Eight years ago, I purchased a parcel of land on the East Bench of Osoyoos with a panoramic 180 degree view of the Lake and town. For the first few years after my purchase, I happily examined a number of annual property assessments that informed me of what a good investment I had made. However, by the time I decided to sell the property, things had changed and I was uncertain about what price to ask, or even if selling made sense. Thanks to Barb’s experience and expertise, I was able to list the property in a way and at a price that led to a problem and hassle free sale. Barb’s extensive local knowledge and contacts proved invaluable in making the entire process smooth and rewarding. 

Jack Martin

 Oct 2012

Being relatively new to the Osoyoos area and having a property to sell, we were in the position of needing to find a local realtor whom we could connect with and who would understand our needs and work hard on our behalf.  I myself am no stranger to the real estate market in the lower mainland having purchased, renovated, built and sold many properties over the years but this area was unknown to me.  I needed a realtor I could trust.
I did the usual due diligence, checked out the web sites of several of the well known local realtors and finally decided that in this area perhaps the best way to connect with a realtor of integrity was to ask the local business people and residents of the area.  Of the first four people I approached with the question as to who to choose for my realtor, three out of the four recommended Barb Pasternak.
Once decided, I walked in to the offices of Desert Oasis Realty,without an appointment, and as luck would have it Barb was the on duty agent for that day.  She was welcoming, saw me immediately, listened to my needs, responded with forthright comments and we decided that day that she would visit our home and give me her opinion as to the saleability of our home.  We wrote up the contract on the following day and the rest is history.
Barb worked hard on our behalf, her availability was never in question.  She responded to emails and phone calls in a very timely manner and we are happy to say that our Osoyoos home has sold and we are now relocated.
There is no doubt in our minds that we would recommend Barb Pasternak to anyone requiring a hard working realtor of honesty and integrity.
Judi Dingle, 
Len Cairns

June 2012

We would like to thank Barb for the great job she did helping us find our home in Osoyoos. She took the time before meeting us to ask lots of questions and get an idea of what we needed and wanted. As we were only in town for a couple days, she made us feel like a priority and spent as much (or as little) time as we needed at multiple locations. Her knowledge of the town and its residents also added to the experience of making us feel a little closer to becoming locals. Barb’s paperwork was impeccable and her support throughout the entire buying process, right up to handing over the keys, was very appreciated. It is so nice to have the home buying experience be as stress free as possible. Thank you again Barb!

Jeff and Renee
Vancouver, BC

Hey there Barb,

So, yesterday was the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our moving into this house!! Wow!! I was thinking about that a lot, and of course, that means I was thinking about YOU, my dear, dear, friend and realtor!! 

As I think about it, finding you as my realtor was like one of the best early Christmas gifts, Barb!! I knew no one when we came that weekend two summers ago, now, to look at places. So choosing a realtor became looking to see whose name was one of the more common ones on signs, etc. You were right up there, and I have to confess, a woman appealed to me.

Things just snowballed from there. You were exactly what I needed for a realtor and "tour guide" for the area. As soon as you stepped out of your car, the first time I met you, I knew I was going to like you! You were so exuberant, passionate and down to earth! I needed all of that. 

I know it's a realtor's job to be available pretty much 24/7 for the needs of their clients, but I was still amazed at your willingness to make your schedule work with the short weekend time frame we had that summer. Wow! We covered a LOT of houses in that small space of time. And I fell in love with too many!! 

When we went back home I was so distraught that we hadn't secured a deal on any of them, and had to be so patient as we waited out that process of offers and counter offers. Wow. You were sooooo very good at keeping in touch with me and keeping me aware of all that was happening. I can't imagine how many emails you sent me!! 

Then the final trip out the following Thanksgiving weekend ending up bringing it all together. Looking back, I see how things really did work out the way they "should have." I was so disappointed in a couple of the offers that fell through that I really thought were "the ones." Then came the 11th hour viewing. 

It was so funny how you kept trying to "show me" that house, both in tons of emails and in conversations over the summer and when we cam in the fall. I had no interest whatsover, for whatever reason. I had made my mind up it wasn't what I wanted. Yet, I should have known better. 

You had a very good sense of what my style and interests were and you didn't give up. Perseverance, girl!! The night before we left to go back to Beaverlode, feeling very dejected, yet again, at how things were going, you convinced me to take a look at this final place. Wow. To think we almost missed this!! As if you would let that happen though! LOL.

When Don and I walked in to view it that day, we both looked at each other like "so this is it!" It was perfect. So open, so classy, so "south western" and so "us." And then to top it off, the sellers turned out to be these awesome people we could connect with and ended up sharing wine over. The lady even sent me home with the famous Tillamook jack pepper cheese from Princes in Oroville. Too funny!!
Making the final deal later was so fast, and so painless. Both sides were ready for this, and being able to move in without bringing our own furniture was the icing on the cake. Hugs and tears later, it was a dream come true for them and for us. And there you were, orchestrating it all, Barb.
The continued phone calls, faxes and emails over the next few weeks brought everything into order. You are a trained professional, honey! Moving out here December 3, driving down the highway and seeing the Osoyoos Credit Union sign before town, I thought "I am home!" It felt wonderful!! Driving up to the house and seeing the sold sign was such a great feeling. This was MY HOUSE! Moments later you appeared with the gift bag of goodies and, most importantly, the key! 

So, on this one year anniversary, and only 3 weeks before Christmas, I want to say a big thank you to you. For being who you are, the lady who doesn't give up, who digs till she finds the pot of gold, and who has become more than my realtor. You have become a treasured friend and I feel blessed to know you. I wish you an awesome Christmas with time for peace and joy and reflections of your own, my dear Barb.  Brenda

I would like to thank Barbara for all of her effort and time in finding a new home for myself and my wife Amanda. This was a very enjoyable experience for us and it was a great start to our new life here in Osoyoos. Barbara worked diligently for us and was happy to give us her expertise of the area with some very good insights to Osoyoos.

Thanks Bob and Amanda

I have dealt with Barb Pasternak on several purchases in the Osoyoos area.  In each and every case she has and continues to surpass our expectations.
Barb knows how to deal with other agents and sellers to ensure we get the best bang for our buck, and Barb is the only agent that I will use in the Osoyoos area when buying and selling more properties.
Anthony Kokai-Kuun
AKML Real Estate Investments

Apri 2011

Dear Barb

Purchasing a property while living elsewhere can be tough at times, but your local market insight made purchasing a new home in Osoyoos much easier.  You were very helpful from start to finish: viewing properties (and taking pictures when needed), presenting the offer and helping to bring the deal to a close.  We appreciate the help and market knowledge you provided during our purchase process as well as the assistance you provided us after we closed on your new home.  You were a great asset!
Thanks Duncan 

Dear Barb; just a quick hello, hope your doing well. Just wanted to thank you , again for getting us this deal on our condo.  Yes it was a hot one today, so i just went for a swim at the lake.  A Hen was swimming past me with her 6  goslings.  My girl friend is fussing with sprinklers and mowing grass, and we  are just sitting out having a glass of wine,  dead quiet here, man we love it. Hope business is good for you because your sure good at it.  Hope to here from you..your considerate manner of dealing with us, was refreshing .....katherine


We have done many real estate transactions with Barb Pasternak. She has handled our business very professionally and we could not be more pleased with her service. Barb was very quick to return phone calls and e-mails which always kept us informed on the proceedings of our deals. She represents her clients in the most professional manner, and is always on the lookout for your benefit.
Not only is Barb a great realtor, she is also a wonderful person with a vibrant personality. We are very fortunate to have done business with Barb. We highly recommend Barb's services; she will definitely exceed your expectations for a realtor!
Thanks again Barb,
Major & Bhupinder Bhatti, Osoyoos BC

We purchased our first home from Barb in 2003 (might have been Barb’s first client).  Barb worked diligently on the deal until it was done.  We then bought our waterfront home through Barb a year later.  Since then we have been involved in the purchase and sale of three other properties in Osoyoos, Barb handled all three transactions (purchase and sale) satisfactorily.  If I was to buy a property today I would enlist Barb.  She’s a hard worker and will spend the time to get the job done.   So, if you’re looking for a Realtor® look to Barb.

Ernie Mykyte

Hi Barbie

This letter is something I should have done awhile ago; I just kept putting it off. You helped us find our dream home. At the time we were looking for a place to retire in another community. You saw this home in Osoyoos and must have known that we would fall in love with it.  As the financing was not in place you guided us in the right direction so as not to be disappointed if we where not able to meet the guide lines.

We spent three wonderful years at our dream home but then decided it was much too large.  You listed it with much enthusiasm, had many open houses and met many future customers. Your honesty, integrity
and attainability
were a pleasure to deal with.

Barbie we enjoy your appreciation night with your past customers. We have met new friends that we would not other wise have gotten to know.

Thanks a bunch with much affection
Owen and Helen

Well it was a long year, and your attitude and perseverance paid off.  Who would have thought when they said “helping you is what we do” would have you coming to my house, with your cheery nature and grabbing a bucket and washing windows.  You always managed to have a constant parade of clients; when I was down you were always hopeful.  Well, you sold my house and managed to find me a nice little abode of my own.  I wanted to stay in Osoyoos and you made that happen.  Thanks for letting me become a part of your circle of friends for that is who we all become after knowing you…… Monica and Daisy (the blonde in the family)

"Barb is an excellent example of what all realtors should strive to become. Barb ensures her clients are properly represented in their real estate transactions. Its always a pleasure to work with such honest and devoted realtors as Barb and she always keeps me on top of my game."
Best regards,
Gordon Kay     

 "I had the great pleasure of meeting Barb at our National Sales Conference in Montreal and Penticton. I would highly recommend Barb to any of my clients moving out to Osoyoos."
George Grdic 

"Barb was great to work with, not pushy and listened to what we had to say."
Personable, Good Value, Creative
Leslie Polidoro 


"The experience of buying a house, especially for the first time, was made easy with Barb's straight forward, honest approach. She helped me to breathe a little, trust a little and ultimately find my dream spot in Osoyoos. I would gladly recommend her to anyone."
 Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Debbie Hutchins 

It has been our fortune to have Barb Pasternak act as our real estate agent during our recent purchase in Osoyoos.
She gave us professional service and satisfied our multiple requests and inquiries every time. Her work was thorough
and timely.
Thank you Barb, for services rendered.
Rolf and Lu. Ahrendt

Barb - Thanks so much for your Santa card and I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and the best in 2011. I want you to know once again how important you were in helping me sell the house and all the little things you undertook to ease my concerns about what needed to be done in finalizing all the details that were involved in my venture into estate workings. With much gratitude to a very remarkable women - Cec Eaves