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April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008

Learned lots of good information at a Richard Robbins conference in Calgary, along with new contacts and great network contacts.  Passed off several Regal Ridge videos along with other listing materials.  All in all, a wonderful trip. Calgary is a beautiful city.  We saw lots of wildlife on our travels and took a photo for all to enjoy.  Last stop in Alberta for gas was an old fashioned gas station that was a special treat. They still fill your tank, wash your windows and provide you with a great smile.  FOOD STORE AND RESTURANT PLUS all the fixings you'll need on the road. Drop by TURTLE MOUNTAIN GAS BAR on your way thru # 3 Highway, Frank Alberta and say hello to my friends.  Please say Barb sent you.


Attended toastmasters speech competition last night and was truly amazed at the quality of speakers and the delicate subjects they all choose to speak about. Our club hosted members from locals and Penticton from the Sitso Said-So Corp Club.  What a catchy, clever name. Met fellow member Terry Yeatman of Terry’s Pool and Spa Service - check out his Spring maintenance specials at E-mail address:

Working on an information package on how the process of buying property is performed in Canada. It will be made available on our website.  Hope this will be helpful for all the Buyers interested in purchasing property here in B.C.  We also have a network of other Realtors across Canada and the USA that we can refer you to. 

We are also working on our first time home owner package that give first time home buyers an opportunity to get an idea of what to expect.

So you would like to buy your first home.  Wonderful let me explain some of what to expect.  All those who are: independently wealthy, inherited a large sum of money, getting a house for a wedding gift, or managed to save for your first new house, Please go to step 2. You are ready for information that will provide you with the knowledge and guidance to make an informed decision about your first home. We specialize in first time home buyers. Our goal is to educate and provide you with information, statistics, and areas that you have to be careful of.  For example, yes there are termites in desert type climates; yes some buildings have been affected by mould; yes this property has a shop built without a permit. We want you to ask all kinds of questions so we will do our very best to bring these questions to light so one can feel comfortable with their purchase. Our job is to provide you with the information that only local realtors have access to.  That is why we have an international referral system. This allows you to work with someone who is looking out for your best interest. 

1. Meet with your banker, mortgage broker, or whoever you plan to get the money from and ask them   how much money can I have? They will say you qualify for so many dollars. What you will need when going to the lender, the money people is proof of income, a report of all the money you have already borrowed and all the credit cards and loans that you have at this moment. They will ask if you have any savings such as RRSPs, stocks, bonds, paid cars, trucks, land.  They will ask you if you have made all your payments on time. They will probably do a credit check. Credit checks done too often can cause your credit rating to go down, so be careful about how often you request that information. That is why it is better to interview your money person and decide who you want to hire to do the job or who to choose to do business with . Then you ask yourself, how much do I feel comfortable paying each month. Try not to extend yourself to the point of where you are house rich and money poor.  Remember don’t be afraid of the commitment - the pain is worth the gain in the long term.  Real Estate, if held and used as your primary residence (means that is where you live full time), still proves to be one of the largest and  best investments you will make in your entire life. Yes, it is scary and exciting and a long term commitment.

2.   Once you have established a price point and know what your payments would be, and how much money the money people will give you, ask for this letter of commitment. This will give you a little more bargaining power for you purchase.  Proceed to contact a realtor that you feel comfortable with (OUR TEAM hopefully).