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Blog by Barb Pasternak

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get more from your home

  1. Rent a basement room as a photography darkroom.
  2. Don’t overlook the garden. You can grow vegetables, flowers, even turf, on the back 40 and sell the results online or through local landscapers. ...or rent the whole garden to an apartment dweller.
  3. Then there are the home-based businesses: bed & breakfasts (particularly in demand in tourist areas); baby sitting services or daycare; pet boarding; esthetics; music lessons and tutoring; antiques (great if you have an old barn or large shed on your property)… the list could go on and on.
  4. Landlords can also increase income by charging for extra services. Computeres, TVs and VCRs for $10 - $25 per month. 
  5.  Empty nesters, could rent a room or basement suite to students.
  6. And what about that garage you don’t use? You could always rent it as a parking spot, but you could also clean it out and rent it to someone who desperately needs storage space or a place to work on a hobby such as restoring old cars.