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Blog by Barb Pasternak

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News from Osoyoos

The little sleepy town of Osoyoos just woke up after a long winter of being quiet.  We are now again a busy little town  - Summer crowd has arrived and it is simply wonderful. The Temp soared to a plus 37 degrees Celsius and the heat feels great. We were ready for sun in the fun or should it be fun in the sun, Oh well, Osoyoos has it either way.  Getting off the subject of real estate in Osoyoos just a tad, new arrival at Bart Farms on May 15, 2008 see attached photo.  Bart Farms specializes in radically responsibly environmentally friendly and naturally grown garlic.  Which means in layman's terms - no pesticides, sprays or any fertilizer that is not 100 per cent natural. The llamas are a source of fertilizer and weed control.  All that passes through a llama is clean of weeds and slow releasefertilizer. Bart Farms chooses to be Radical Farmers.  Choices are made responsibly and as safe for our grandchildren as they possibly can be.  Environmentally friendly without having to be regulated by a paid for government certification.  Looking for some very expensive home grown natural garlic, different varieties available, grown in virgin soil, that means first time to ever be planted in that ground.  Call Terry 250-485-8103 for reservation on orders. The Farm is very small so very limited supply, call early so not to be disappointed. Located just above Spotted Lake just a few mins West of Osoyoos Getting back to Osoyoos Real Estate.  Wow!  We have the best supply in years.  Check out the latest press release just posted.  This makes a trip to Osoyoos worthwhile - lots of great selection to suit every Buyer. Check it our www.osoyoosrealestatehomes,com and see for yourself Osoyoos is not out of reach for even the most Frugal Buyer.  We have some really good deals to be had in the South Okanagan. 

The Little town of Osoyoos has a World Class Car Buff.  Will provide more details with his permission.