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April 25, 2008

Blog by Barb Pasternak | April 27th, 2008

April 25, 2008 Today was a beautiful day in Sunny Osoyoos. We have Sale on our listing in Casa De Lagos .Thank you Chris and Lisa for entrusting your business to our team. We wish you all the best in your new endeavours. Visit CHRIS at The Osoyoos Golf and Country Club, he and his staff serve up a mighty delicious menu. Chris also heads up some of the best wedding feasts this town has to offer, not to mention the elegance of the surroundings and also FIRST CLASS presentation. Recommended from past experience and it was a pleasant experience from start to finish . CALL AHEAD FOR RESERVATION OR DROP IN. 250-495-7118. PLEASE TELL CHRIS THAT BARB PASTERNAK SENT YOU . "SECRETARY" WEEK" WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!! THANKS TO ANA AT FLOWERS ON MAIN -- 1-800-665-9983 WWW.OSOYOOSFLORIST.COM LOCATED AT 8317 MAIN STREET 495-2200 PLEASE TELL ANA BARB PASTERNAK SENT YOU!! SHE MADE SANDY AND MAC SOME AWESOME ARRANGEMENTS THAT PUT A REALLY NICE SMILE ON THEIR FACE. MANY THANKS TO THESE GREAT GALS FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK. STOPPED TO TALK FOR A MINUTE TO MY FRIEND JIM FORD WHO SAID THE INDIGO PROJECT IS ALIVE AND WELL AND IS GEARING UP FOR SALES IN APPROX A MONTHS TIME. WANTING ANY INFORMATION ON ANY NEW PROJECTS HERE IN OSOYOOS SEND US A E-MAIL AND WE WILL SEE THAT YOU WILL GET SOURCED TO PERTINENT INFORMATION.