In the summer visitors feel that they may have stumbled to a part of the Mediterranean without stepping out of Canada. This is a dream location you would love to spend the rest of their life in. In fact this is a true paradise, a reality were you can spend the rest of your life and enjoy every minute. Osoyoos is Canada's Desert Country.


     In the morning enjoy a round of golf with old pals at one of the many prestigious award winning golf courses. Enjoy the mid-afternoon soaking up the Okanagan sun at the beach with welcoming water for water skiiing, boating, windsurfing, swimming and parasailing. Spend the evening with the kids at an farm picking fresh local fruit or visit many of the cultural sites such as the Museum or Desert Centre. Spend the afternoon tasting some of the world's finest wines rivalling those from France to California. Wrap up your day by enjoying first class cuisine at one of our many wineries or fine restaurants, while looking out into the sunset glistening off the water. Where in the world can you find all this in one location? That's right - Osoyoos BC, Desert Wine Country, the only desert in Canada, with the lowest rainfall, highest temperatures, and the warmest lakes in the country. It is home to over 100 rare native plants, and over 300 invertebrates. Located in the heart of the Okanagan with 'semi-arid' conditions. The short mild winters are just as packed with activities such as skiing on the some of the country's finest snow, hunting in the wild, and watching some entertainment-packed local ice hockey!


Barb is here to help you settle down in this paradise!